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Project server event handler onupdating

What this means is if you were to "rollback" (undo) the add from source control - the opposite of an add is... So if all dev boxes synchronized the hotfix (as an "add") and you rollback, all dev boxes when synching will say...

An object could already have been added to source control.

Because you did manually, because you had a previous hotfix on it, etc.

Project Server raises pre-events and post-events when Project Server Interface (PSI) methods change business objects such as .

When you associate an event handler with an event, Project Server runs the event handler when that particular event occurs.

This means that the number of objects in a pending changeset for a prepare step could be LESS than the number of objects in a pending changeset of a hotfix.

A hotfix could technically also be adding objects, and new objects of course don't exist before applying the hotfix so they also wouldn't be in the prepare step. After doing the prepare option, you have to check-in the pending changes.

I recommend a previous post I made on the topic of updates, upgrades and hotfixes.

When it comes to hotfixes, the platform is serviced as a whole.

Essentially, this will look at all objects in your hotfix, and add any of those objects to source control if they haven't already been.

That way, if you want to rollback the hotfix, you have at least checked in the original version of the object (from before the hotfix) and you can roll back to that.

If you don't check it in before hitting apply, you won't have that base version! (in PU12 a dialog box was added after doing prepare that tells the developer to make sure to check-in prior to hitting apply).